Friends for Satsuma Schools

Supporting Satsuma Schools since 2011

Friends For Satsuma Schools

Scholarships Awarded to Seniors

Friends For Satsuma Schools

Teacher Grants Given

Swamp Fest

Drawing Community Support Since 2013

Dollars Contributed by FFSS

Teacher Grants Given

Scholarships Awarded

Friends For Satsuma Schools was formed by Emily Keeney as a way to help let the citizens of Satsuma know how important it was for them to vote for the additional property tax to provide additional funds for a new school system.  The vote was held on April 12, 2011 and passed 976 to 596.  The rest is history!

Outstanding Civic Organization 2015

The mission of Friends For Satsuma Schools is to raise money for Satsuma City Schools and to provide teacher grants, scholarships, and other needs that would not be met in the regular school budgets.

By 2015 the impact of Friends For Satsuma Schools was already being recognized.  FFSS was awarded the “Satsuma Outstanding Civic Organization”.

Several families have setup scholarships to be awarded by Friends of Satsuma Schools.

Pat Hicks Athletic Memorial Scholarship

Courtney Upton Heart of Gold Scholarship

Rosalie Howley Aspiring Educator Scholarship

William Stewart II Scholarship

Jimmy Upton Service Scholarship